Have it delivered on your doormat, in your pigeon hole or in your gift basket (and always with two special ingredients: confetti and love) … There’s no second-class delivery point when it comes to receiving compliments via mail. So, do you know someone who deserves a compliment from a distance? Let us know and we’ll write a compliment specifically for that person. Your ‘victim’ won’t know what hit them.

Also if there is a group of people that deserve a compliment for being just too fantastic, we know what to do.



"We've worked with the compliment makers a number of times, both at our events and through the post. Every single time they manage to strike the right tone and really touch people through beautiful, sweet words. Each and every compliment is a small work of art! Unique!”

Lionne, Corporate Communication Advisor Saltro diagnostics in healthcare

Other options

Compliments on the spot

Compliment makers® are available for your event. Whenever you want to add some pizazz, we can be there – whether it’s a conference, a colleague send-off, your company’s trade fair booth, a presentation, a party, or a Friday afternoon drink in need of an extra...

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Compliment Workshop

When it comes to compliments, no one is as experienced as we are. This is a good thing, yet also a pity since we’d love for the whole world to get involved. That’s why we truly love helping out those who share the urge to make the world a little kinder – one compliment at a time...

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