Complimenten terug



On the night of the event people couldn't get enough of it, so I think that says it all. I am very satisfied with the performers! Radiant personalities :)

Danielle Steijn, Event Pitcher

Birthday party

Those Complimentmakers are great people! They did their best, worked hard, described many guests and – very important – they did this all with lots of flair and charm! Table by table, corner by corner, our guests were introduced to the Complimentmakers. It was nice to see how some guests were skeptical at a distance, but then got disarmed and even a bit shy when they got their compliments up close. The room was unanimously enthusiastic. And everyone was impressed how the compliments aligned with reality…

Jeanine Dijkhuis


It was super! Everyone thought it was very fun and a few were even visibly moved. So now we know: people should give each other more compliments!

Marleen Koolmees, Editorial Manager, Libelle

SAP Partner Award Event

For our annual Partner Award Event, we hired two Complimentmakers. They shared such wonderful compliments – a real ego and happiness boost. Therefore… my compliments to the Complimentmakers!

D. Ascencion, SAP


We've worked with the compliment makers a number of times, both at our events and through the post. Every single time they manage to strike the right tone and really touch people through beautiful, sweet words. Each and every compliment is a small work of art! Unique!

Lionne, Corporate Communication Advisor Saltro diagnostics in healthcare


The party was a great success! The Complimentmakers were really brilliant and made a lot of people happy. Really fun and original. Hopefully until next year!

Lindsay Ozero, Recruitment Consultant Undutchables

The FFP Congress

It was a very successful day, thanks in part to the Complimenmakers. I even heard a few people talk about them afterwards and everyone was very positive. I also received a personal compliment from them as they left and I must say such a compliment really hits home. All in all, very successful!!

L. Lemmens, Projectmanager Oostdam & Partners BV

Aristo Christmas Party

In no time, the Complimentmakers put a big smile on all the guests’ faces. It was as if everyone grew 10 cm as a result of their personally-received compliment. People proudly read each other's compliment cards. As a result, colleagues from the different branches quickly started talking to each other – so the atmosphere was immediately good. Result? A very pleasant and successful Christmas party!

Helga Schoots, Marketing & Sales Manager, Aristo Accommodaties