Hey, weren’t you once called Complimentenmeisjes (“Compliment Girls”)?

That's right, we are the original Complimentenmeisjes. But we expanded from two girls to a rainbow team of 50 specialised compliment makers. In other words, our new name is more complementary to our current situation.

How does it work?

We approach people, ask them their name and whether they’d like to be complimented. Then, based on our first impression, we write a bespoke compliment on our world-famous compliment card and offer this is as a gift. Voila

What are these compliments like?

A true compliment targets the receiver’s true selves. Going beyond appearances, we zoom in on your character traits and qualities. In our short and punchy compliments, we cut to the chase – to the core of who you really are.

What is the best time for you to jump into action?

It’s almost always possible: during work, during dinner, and even while the band plays. But we avoid moments that demand everyone’s full attention. For instance, during “I do”, we don’t.

What do you look like?

We come in bright red – red outfit, red top hat, big red bow. It’s an outfit you’d also look fabulous in.

Are other colours possible, besides red?

Sure, we can come in other colours but it will cost you :) If you’d like to book us in a colour other than our iconic ‘compliment-maker red’, you’ll automatically end up with our second or third booking options.

Don’t keep me hanging, what are the other colour options?

We can also come in blue, pink, black, white, gold/yellow, silver, orange or green. Never puce. Never plaid. Okay, maybe plaid… for very special occasions, that is.

Is it necessary or possible to provide input in advance?

Not only is it unnecessary, it's not even how we would want it to be :) Doing it without your input is part of the magic! (You’ll see!)

Can I choose a specific compliment maker?

This is difficult. Our team of creative professionals is large and diverse. They are all self-employed and may have conflicts in their calendars. But you can try! We just can’t make promises.

Can you also hand out other flyers or do something else besides making compliments?

Sorry, we don’t. It’s not only because we’re specialised in the art of compliment making, but it would also take away from us spreading magic.

How many Compliment Makers do I need?

It depends on how many people you’d like to reach. One compliment maker can compliment a maximum of 15 people per hour. So, for example, if you’d like to send at least 50 people home with a big smile, book two compliment makers for 2 hours.

What do you need from me to make a cost estimate?

We need the date, location, times and number of invitees or desired reach. We can do the math from there.

Can you write compliments based on skills or themes?

Unfortunately, we base every compliment on our intuition and how we experience the person in front of us. Writing to a theme (however much as it might suit us) detracts from the depth and sincerity of the compliment.

Can you write shorter compliments and reach more people that way?

Sorry, that's not how we work. We need a proper amount of time to come up with a compliment with the level of quality and magic we want to provide.

Can we use your (social media) images?

Yes, you can. But it’s not always the best option. Please discuss with us in advance how this works. Also, please note you should always include attribution/tag.