Compliment makers® are available for your event. Whenever you want to add some pizazz, we can be there – whether it’s a conference, a colleague send-off, your company’s trade fair booth, a presentation, a party, or a Friday afternoon drink in need of an extra boost... You name it, we’re already pumped up and excited!

Although being compliment makers has become our day job, we tend to look at it more as a ‘calling’. But we also consider it an art and, yes, a means to put bread on the table.

Complimenting people is in our DNA. Long ago, it probably saved our ancestors from getting eaten in the jungle. And today, if you run into us in the wild, we’ll probably not shy away from paying you a compliment (on the house).

But instead of relying on coincidence to see us in action, it’s easier to just book us. You can do this in three ways:

Compliment makers® the classic model

Together, we discuss your booking. Then, you sit back, relax and wait until we jump into action like icing on your cake. We bring along plenty of compliment cards (which are quickly becoming more infamous than ourselves) and dish out compliments for as long as you want.

We’ve been around the complimenting block. We’ve been doing this since 2006 without a single change to this formula. Because if it works – and everyone is deliriously satisfied – why fix it?


Compliment Collab®

compliment makers® X ‘your (company) name’

Picture it: compliment makers® at your event, opening, away-day, presentation, wedding or bar mitzvah (we’d actually kill to do a funeral) … Yet you want more! For example:

… you want everyone to know the compliment is really coming from you. So, you’d like your (company) name to feature on the compliment card.


…that we show up wearing a different colour than our “compliment maker red” costumes.

That’s possible! Then it becomes a collaboration.


Compliment Takeover

Flying your compliment freak flag, as high as it will go

You like compliment makers® so much you wish you had invented us yourself. So, rather than book us, you’d rather hire us to do what we do, but entirely according to your vision.

So, bring on your enthusiastic proposal. We might say “Let's go for it!” (But only after complimenting you on your great idea.)


Good lines, Good vibes

Other options

Compliment Workshop

When it comes to compliments, no one is as experienced as we are. This is a good thing, yet also a pity since we’d love for the whole world to get involved. That’s why we truly love helping out those who share the urge to make the world a little kinder – one compliment at a time...

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Compliment Mail

Have it delivered on your doormat, in your pigeon hole or in your gift basket (and always with two special ingredients: confetti and love!) There’s no second-class delivery point when it comes to receiving compliments via mail. So, do you know...

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