Who we are

compliment makers® is an special force of professional compliment givers who are able to see the real you at the speed of light. It’s our secret power (and yes, Marvel should make a movie about us). Then wham-boom, we write a sweet little “portrait” of you while you wait.

Everyone can use a compliment. And ours are highly personal and offer something the receiver can really use. Because, oddly enough, your greatness is often something you don’t see yourself. We are giving a piece of you to you. As a gift – which isn’t only nice for you, but for the whole world.

You’re amazing. Never forget it.

Complementary to a better world


A compliment is complementary to a kinder world

By complimenting one another, we encourage others to believe in themselves. So, ignore that law degree and start that bike shop of your dreams. Or take that little free time you have and invent a fossil-fuel-free rocket to the stars. Just go for it.

And you know what people say (our people, anyway): “A compliment is worth a thousand pats on the back.” On top of that, compliments are contagious. And those who feel seen, see more themselves.

Spread the word. Spread the love.

About us

We are Gwen van Zaane and Bibi Smink, Compliment Makers. We joined forces immediately after studying visual arts (at Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Academy) and we’ve been holding on to each other ever since. As an artist duo, we develop performances aimed at putting smiles on faces through human interaction and surprise.

In 2006, we wrote our first compliments as a type of performance, socalled Compliment Girls. And boy, did it jumpstart an adventure! Our team now has around 50 compliment makers – a sparkling ensemble of creative professionals rooted in various disciplines such as art, theatre, art direction, psychology, journalism, etcetera. Yet, we all have a shared vision: the future is kind

And how are we working towards this vision? First, quick as a flash, we see you (really see you). Then, just like that, we write you a sweet little ‘portrait’ of – and for – you. Then finally, we hand you that compliment. It’s simple but effective. We strongly believe complimenting others makes the world a kinder place. And since giving compliments is very contagious, we like to see our work as an ongoing effort of spreading more and more good vibes into the world. And hopefully one day, our movement will combust into a one huge fireball of love.

Meanwhile, you may have seen us in action wearing our bright red dresses and suits – at a cultural event, trade fair, conference, drinks, network meeting, shop opening or wedding. Or perhaps you saw us at a (birthday) party at someone’s house. At home or abroad, in Dutch or English, we do it all!

And, if we may compliment ourselves: our presence is usually very much appreciated. The actual thrill of the experience is impossible to explain (without sounding a bit show-off-y), so we recommend that you simply experience it for yourself. And we think it’s a perfect fit since you are obviously the adventurous type. (See what we did there?)

So, see you soon!

And until then… much love from Compliment Makers!