Compliment girls

Complimentenmeisjes wordt complimentenmakers

In 2006, Gwen van Zaane and Bibi Smink started as two compliment girls, and today the team consists of about 50 specialized compliment makers. That's why, since 2023, the compliment girls continue under a new name that suits them better: compliment makers®. The professional compliment makers come in various forms, with diverse creative backgrounds, but with one shared vision: The future is love.

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Compliment girls becomes compliment makers®

Compliment Girls, Girls of the Compliment, Miss Compliment, Compliment Ladies... just call us Compliment Makers®. Our compliment givers come in many forms. And although our name is different, we're doing something we've been enjoying for many years: giving compliments. Perhaps you've already seen us in our bright red suits and dresses with bows?

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How do our Compliment Girls give a compliment?

You can find us at various events such as cultural gatherings, corporate parties, trade shows, and more. When approaching someone, we ask the question, "May I give you a compliment?" and inquire about their first name. Based on the initial impression, we then write a compliment on our world-famous compliment card and present it as a gift.

A compliment is truly about the person and goes beyond appearances; we specifically focus on someone's character traits and qualities. In a brief and powerful compliment, we get to the essence. You'll be surprised at how well our Compliment Girls and compliment makers genuinely see you.

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Compliment makers® and Compliment girls at your event

Compliment Makers® are available for your event. Whether you're organizing a conference, bidding farewell to a colleague, showcasing your organization at a trade show, hosting a party or (cultural) event, or simply need to add a bit of extra atmosphere to your Friday afternoon drinks—wherever you need us, we're already excited!

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